Thursday, December 10, 2015

Freedom's Phoenix Interviews The Myth Buster!

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The Mythological Bird is being Revived from its' Ashes


Shane Krauser, who hosts the popular and thought provoking talk show sponsored by the web site FREEDOM'S PHOENIX , interviews H L Quist(aka The Myth Buster). The show focuses on social, political, economic and technological current events that highlight Buster's expertise. On the program Buster introduces to the audience the "Uberization of Money" or peer to peer funding that only days later was used by the San Bernardino terrorist to borrow $28,000 that he never intended to repay.

Other topics include: The deliberate destruction of the global middle class, the rape of Europe, the non-election of 2016, the IMF approval of the Chinese yuan as a reserve currency and the prospect of the collapse of several global banks. You won't want to miss this program.

-- H. L. Quist

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