Thursday, December 4, 2014

H. L. Quist Seminar - December 11, 2014

Hello World,

H L Quist will be conducting his regular CE Real Estate Class at Southwestern School of Real Estate on:

Thursday December 11th at 12:00 PM
The Scottsdale Camelback Resort
6302 E Camelback Rd

In addition to the class outline on Cycles & Trends in Arizona Real Estate, Mr Quist will also cover a number of current and cogent topics that will have a decided impact on real estate as well as all financial markets. Realtors as well as investors will be anxious to hear his forecasts for 2015. Some of the topics are:

•  The sudden plunge of the price of crude oil and its' impact on our economy.

•  A review of James Rickard's new book "The DEATH of MONEY: The Coming Collapse of  the Global Monetary System"

•  How "Monetary Reset" could elevate real estate & equity prices to new highs for the next 3 years.

Mr Quist will allow sufficient time for your questions. There is a $10 fee to the School for attendees. Please call 602 840-4117 for reservations.