Tuesday, September 1, 2015

H. L. Quist Seminar - September 17, 2015

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           H L QUIST SEMINAR

H L Quist will be conducting his regular CE Continuing Education class at Southwestern School of Real Estate on:

         Thursday September 17th at 12:00PM
         The Scottsdale Camelback Resort
         6302 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, Az.

In addition to the class outline on "The Coming Inflationary Boom" Mr. Quist will also discuss a number of current and cogent topics that could impact all markets of interest to Realtors and investors. Some of the topics are:

-Will the sell-off in the stock market continue? How will it impact real property values?

--How will  continued currency devaluations and a meltdown in China effect our markets?

--How will the Federal Reserve combat the threat of Deflation?

--Will the IMF introduce a new world currency in October? How would that impact the US Dollar and real estate?

Mr Quist will allow sufficient time for your questions. There is a $10 fee to the school for non-real estate attendees.

Call 602 743-8800 for reservations.

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