Monday, April 5, 2010

A Whistle Blower Has Blown the Lid off J P Morgan's Gold and Silver Manipulation! Read this Interview from the Daily Bell

Hello World,

The Daily Bell's interview with William Murphy

I wrote The Daily Bell:

"Thanks Daily Bell for your interview. I'm fortunate to know Bill and fully appreciate his courage and devotion to restore credibility to these markets. Ultimately the scam will be exposed when investors can't get delivery. We just don't know when the game will be up." -- H L Quist

And they responded:

Dear H L Quist ,

Thank you for sharing your comment on William Murphy Explains his Testimony at the Recent CFTC Hearing and the Future of Precious Metals Markets with readers of The Daily Bell. Insights provided by contributors such as yourself do a great deal to enrich the articles we publish. The comments add something extra that we can't get from any other source. We know our readers value them, and we appreciate the time and attention you've given us.

We hope you will be sending us more comments on The Daily Bell articles you find especially interesting.


The Editors
The Daily Bell

Readers, look for my gabcast on this subject.

-- H. L. Quist

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