Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Myth Is: The Planet is Doomed!

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Al Gore received a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for claiming in his film "An Inconvenient Truth" that humans cause global warming. Now over 31,000 scientists say Al Gore is WRONG! In addition, a British judge has ruled that Gore's film cannot be shown in UK schools because it contains 9 factual errors.

In December, Barrack Obama will sign away US sovereignty and commit its' citizens to the biggest scam and tax increase in history. LISTEN TO THE MYTH BUSTER AND STOP THIS HYSTERIA!

Go To These Sources:

Not Evil Just Wrong -- Global Climate Scam -- Phoenix Tea Party

I will be will be speaking to the tea party group Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 6:30pm, Rocking R Ranch, 6136 E. Baseline Rd.,Mesa, AZ. (Info -480-797-2896 organizer)

Listen to my podcast on this Myth here, or click on the podcast on the sidebar on this blog.

-- H. L. Quist

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