Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ronald - Wealth DNA - Interview with H. L. Quist

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Ron Nawrocki says of this show:

"What's likely to occur in 2012? 
We'll be asking our special guest H.L. (Buster) Quist to share some of his insights he just sent to his newsletter subscribers. And listeners get to hear his predictions at no charge, and can even ask questions during the show. We'll be focusing on the 3 E's that directly affect our portfolios: Economy, Elections, and Earning money. You may recall he was a guest on the Wealth DNA radio show in the fall of 2010. If you enjoyed that show, I know you'll be joining us and will be ready to take notes!
    H.L.Quist is a economic historian, an expert on economic cycles, and author of 5 books and an investment newsletter. His most recent book is "How to Profit From The Coming Inflationary Boom And Avoid The Next Crash". H.L.Quist  started his career in financial services, changed to real estate brokerage and development, and now he's back to managing money.
     He's one of my key economic & financial advisors, so don't miss this show, and you'll want to invite a few good friends to join us!"

H. L. Quist  on Wealth DNA Radio

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This was an outstanding interview, share with your friends and family.

My books are also available as ebooks too.

H. L. Quist

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