Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Interview with H. L. Quist on "Politics and Patriotism" podcast show

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Justin Oldham of Politics and Patriotism interviewed The Myth Buster recently.  Oldham talks with author and financial historian H.L. Quist about his book, "The Aftermath of Greed: Get Ready For the Inflationary Boom." Mr. Quist believes we are headed for a deliberate global financial meltdown. His evidence is compelling. Will he be right?

Justin discussed the book in a brief extract from a prior show with Fern Crossley from Alaska.

The link to Quist's podcast site is here  - for the book review discussion with Fern click on episode from October 18th.

Books are available from your favorite bookseller, online or at the publisher's site in either print or e-book format.

Quist's monthly newsletter provides commentary and recommendations for investors.  Subscribe through the sidebar on this blog.  You can find monthly previews of the newsletter on this blog, also.

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