Monday, March 15, 2010

What Does America Have In Common With Argentina?

Hello World,

Answer: They will both be destroyed by Progressives! (Take 2 minutes to see the future)

At the link below is a power point file (argentina.pps) which makes a powerful statement. Copy and paste this link in your browser to locate and download the file:

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-- H. L.Quist


Andrea Cummins said...

your comment about Argentina and Usa it´s not true. Argentina endded up with the 2001 collapse for an economic neoliberal politic implanted as an experiment all over the world, by the FMI during the Menem's goverment, in assosiation with Bush. Please inform yourself properly before commenting about my country. Good luck. You guys will need it

hlquist said...
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hlquist said...


No offense to the Argentine people. I have an interest in an Argentine company and one of my wife's good friends is Argentinian. There's absolutely no doubt that the US, Bush and Presidents before him, the IMF and the banksters played a major role in creating the many financial crises in your country. In short order the USA will be faced with the same problems which was the purpose of the post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Quist,
When do you think the down turn in the U.S. will begin?
Best Wishes.

Brittany said...

I believe they don´t have much in common. Politics are dificult to understand, now there is a problem of trade between Argentina and Brazil. Apparently Argentina wanted to stop the entrance of products coming from Brazil. They are crazy. The good thing about Argentina is toruism. I satyed in an apartment in buenos aires when I travelled and the city was beautiful.
I loved it!

The Coach said...


Very interesting observations - I know where you are and I can now start to follow you and your observations

Chuck Clausen