Monday, September 21, 2009

The American II Duce (Supreme Leader)

What they are saying about The Myth Buster Show

"Thank you Buster not only your message, but how you deliver it in your calm, unemotional, sane and academic style. I love our country and what it stands for and to think we are on the verge of losing it because well meaning citizens are ignorant of history and the inability to connect the dots or recognize the similarities between these times and those of Nazi German or Fascist Italy is sad. Wake up America before it's too late! " -- T.P. on 2009-09-20 14:53:58

"Buster: You have outdone yourself. What an intelligent analysis of the current situation! Thank you for getting the information out. I want to listen again and look forward to your next podcast." -- A.H. (Mesa, Az.)

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