Saturday, August 8, 2009

What A Banker Says About "Profit"

Hello World,

I received the following comment on my book How To Profit From The Coming Inflationary Boom And Avoid The Next Crash from Vic Currier, and wanted to share it with you.

"With Buster, your politics don't matter. Only prudent investing - expressed in his layman's language - matters. I lost by not acting quickly on his sage advice. Now, I'll be following him to the letter. I recommend you do the same. Keep him close. He is a true visionary and you will "Profit" by doing so."

Vic Currier is a retired federal savings bank board member/executive and real estate entrepreneur in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

You can purchase PROFIT as a print copy or download at my publishers page here.

Coming soon my podcast radio show "H L Quist - The Myth Buster"

-- H. L. Quist


David Knifton said...


Looking forward to your upcoming radio blog.

hlquist said...


I've been overwhelmed by speaking engagements and interviews but I'll find the time. Thanks for your interest. Post your impression of PROFIT if you like.